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Why Fitness Trackers are a Must-Have

February 20, 2024
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It won’t be hard to come across someone wearing a fitness tracker or smartwatch whether you go for a walk, grocery shop, or eat out. According to Harvard Health, around one in five individuals own one! 

There must be a reason for smartwatch shipments to climb from 37 million units in 2016 to over 402 million units by 2027, according to statistical predictions. We looked into whether advances in health are included on the list!

Starting and Maintaining Your Motion

Research indicates that utilising a fitness tracker on a regular basis—be it a smartwatch, conventional pedometer, or another wearable gadget—can enhance your daily step count by over multiple kms, particularly if you have established a daily target for yourself.

If you’re not getting enough exercise, having quick access to data about your daily movement habits may be a tremendous eye-opener. It can also provide you the knowledge and motivation you need to start incorporating healthy, empowering adjustments into your routine.

A review from 2022 that was published in The Lancet looked at how well activity trackers worked to improve physical activity and associated physiological and psychosocial consequences. Results from 163,992 participants of various ages and health statuses were used to inform the study. 

According to their research, using an activity tracker can enhance one’s physical activity, body composition, and fitness. Specifically, users can raise their daily steps by 1800, walk for 40 more minutes, and engage in moderate-to-intense physical activity for six more minutes. 

Better still, these enhancements appear to continue for at least six months and encourage healthy behaviours like goal-setting and accountability. They are not only transitory benefits that go after a week.

Researchers also highlight the advantages of emphasising measurements such as total standing or moving time and daily step count, as these promote an active lifestyle and lessen the obstacles related to planned exercise regimens like workouts or runs. They can be a fantastic way to incorporate healthy snacks into your everyday routine.

Are you having trouble finishing your workouts because you’re feeling mentally exhausted? Giving someone who is psychologically tired visual performance feedback can help lessen the detrimental impacts of that weariness on their physical endurance, according to a different study published in 2022. This explains why checking in on your performance mid-workout by looking at your watch can be so motivating!

It Helps You Establish A Feeling of Achievement

In addition to providing you with information, a fitness tracker can encourage you to exercise and build good habits. 

The majority of wearable technology, as noted by John Hopkins Medicine, lets you establish a daily exercise goal, making it an excellent tool for promoting an active lifestyle. Although 10,000 steps a day is the most popular target, several trackers offer special capabilities for those of us who like to achieve our goals. Uncertain of the daily step count you ought to strive for? It takes about 10,000 – 12,000 steps to really benefit from walking.

While some fitness watches let you set objectives for things like standing time, personal records, exercises completed, or activity streaks, others only let you connect with friends, family, and workout partners for accountability (or a little friendly rivalry!).

If reaching your goals is what motivates and sustains you, fitness trackers can be quite beneficial to your general health and well-being.

Trackers aren’t for everyone

It’s quite acceptable if you don’t want or need a fitness tracker! They’re most definitely not necessary if you want to crush your exercises and goals. Some people find pressure, stress, or guilt from numbers and constant objectives; others find motivation and satisfaction from other aspects of exercise; yet others may not want to bother about another gadget.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that a wearable gadget should be perceived as a source of encouragement and support rather than as a source of duty or punishment. Do you discover that in order to improve your statistics, you disregard your body’s requests for rest or that you don’t feel good until you meet your goals? Take a moment to reflect on your movements and stop using your tracker. The main purpose of working up a sweat is to feel good, and the psychological advantages are equally as significant as the physical ones.

You can opt not to link your wristwatch to your phone or disable notifications if you own (or desire) one but only plan to use it for tracking your fitness. Finding one that suits your goals, training preferences, and budget requires some investigation. Your own fitness tracker will be the greatest!


Trackers are a must-have if you’re someone who needs to concentrate on the goals designed for you but keeps on forgetting. Also that you might need trackers to make your achieved simple goals tangible. 

However, if trackers aren’t something that can help you, always know that personalised-training and trainers are always on the go to help you out and customise your fitness goals, tailored to be manageable and achievable just for you.


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